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ATV Tours in Talkeetna: Safety First

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

We've Got Your Back on #ATV Safety

Nothing creates a memorable #Alaska #Vacation like doing something new and exciting: ATV tours.

However, doing something new can be intimidating - especially if there are children involved - if you're not sure about safety. So here's a few safety tips to help you understand how safe ATV riding can be and how Alaska Off-Road Adventures has you covered. Literally.

Safety Gear

Always wear safety gear. Helmets, goggles, boots, gloves - the works ... and again, we've got you covered here. There are no seat-belts on our ATVs and everyone wears helmets and other safety gear.


A pre-ride inspection, every time, is key to a safe ride, and we've got your back on this one too. We check the tires for wear and rims for damage, look over your controls and make sure connections and cables are intact, check the chain for worn links and sprockets for broken teeth to make sure your ride is enjoyable and safe.

Don't Ride Alone

Our rides are always done in groups, large and small, and led by experienced guides only. So grab some friends and make a day of it.

No Drinking and Riding

No brainer. It's not safe to drink and drive in a in a car and it's certainly not safe on an ATV. Alcohol and drugs impair your judgment and your ability to ride safely. Don't put yourself in jeopardy and don't put others at risk for your risky behavior.

Now... that said, after the ride when we've returned back to town, you're sure welcome to enjoy a beer or a Moscow Mule with us as we toast to a great trip!

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