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Downward Dog or Uphill Ride?

It’s officially official!

Doctors and scientists are now talking about ATV riding as one a form of healthy exercise. It’s true; the same professionals praising the health benefits of yoga and tai chi have jumped on the ATV wagon. Literally and figuratively.

Turns out ATV riding is a fantastic way to exercise – not to mention a whole lot more fun than running on an indoor track! When you get on an ATV and start blazing down beautiful trails with the wind in your face, turns out you’re also getting a great workout.

While ATV riding is for most all ages and abilities, depending on the trails you take, it can require more physical effort than you might expect. Regardless though, every ride can be considered a workout for staying in shape and improving your overall well-being – mentally and physically. In a study conducted by the York University Faculty of Health, it was concluded that riding just once a week contributed to an increase in muscle and skeletal fitness. On top of that, a more vigorous ride can increased oxygen by 3.5 to 6 times normal, strengthening your heart and reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease.

And the good news doesn’t stop there!

The excitement of speeding down trails boosts adrenalin and endorphins which means you’re in an elevated mood for hours after the ride; an emotional high that some describe as a feeling of an enhanced quality of life. A study from Glasgow University showed those who exercised in nature had a lower risk of poor mental health as compared to others who worked out indoors. Interacting with nature also has a restorative effect on your attention levels by giving your brain a break from the everyday stimulation. In addition, ATV riding requires your full concentration, making you keep your mind off of your daily problems and mentally distance yourself from the stress.

So, next time you’re thinking of putting on your yoga pants and striking a downward dog pose, you might want to think again, put on some leather gloves and a helmet and do an uphill ATV ride instead!


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